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Governance And Public Alienation In Nigeria: An Exploration Of The Legitimacy Crises In Nigerian Democratic Process

Keyword : Governance, Good Governance, Public Alienation, Democracy And Legitimacy
Author(s) : Obiorah, Collins Chidozie And Chiamogu, Peter Amobi

Abstract :   The Principal Concern Of This Paper Is To Examine The Practice Of Democratic Governance In Nigeria In Terms Of Its Legitimacy Credentials With Special Emphasis On Leadership Recruitment Processes And Exercise Of Governmental Power In The Fourth Republic. Juxtaposed Against The Pristine Ideals Of Liberal Democracy, It Argues That The Over One Decade Of “democratic Governance” In The Country Is Typified By Sordid Experiences And Unsetting Effects, Chiefs Amongst Which Include The Erosion Of The People’s Wishes Expressed Through Electoral Processes And Their Consequent Alienation In Governance. It Is Therefore The Contention Here That There Can Be No Democracy In The Real Sense Of The Word Without Popular Support And Full Integration Of The People In The Governing Process Especially As It Concerns Public Participation In Policy Process And Leadership Recruitment.

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