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Reinventing Communication Education For Sustainable Peace-Building In Nigeria: Imperatives Of Alternative Education

Keyword : Conflict, Violent Social Conflict, Peace-building, Communication Education, Alternative Education
Author(s) : Collins Obiorah

Abstract :   Violent Social Conflict Remains A Major Obstacle To Nation-building And Integration In Nigeria Since Independence In 1960. Regrettably, However, There Has Been An Upsurge In Socio-political And Ethno-religious Violent Conflicts With Mind-boggling Consequences In The Country Since 1999in Spite Of Efforts By Successive Administrations To Entrench Democratic Values And Principles In The Country. Albeit The History Of These Conflagrations Is Said To Be Rooted In Our Colonial History And The Post-independence Political System Which Tended To Alienate The Masses, The Mass Media And Their Practitioners Who Report These Conflicts Have Not Been Spared The Verbal Howitzer Regarding The Exaggeration Of Conflict-generating Issues Resulting In The Escalation Of Social Conflicts And The Attendant Reprisal Attacks. This Paper Makes Case For Continuous Education And Training Of Journalists To Cultivate In Them The Hallowed Principles Of Peace Journalism Necessary For Sustainable Peace Building Amongst The Diverse Peoples Of Nigeria. It Argues That The Media Should Not Only Be Truthful And Accurate But Must Always Judge Their Reportage In Terms Of Their Value To The General Good Of The Nation As Espoused By The Social Responsibility Press Theory.

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