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Human Autonomy And Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria: A Critical Appraisal Of Kantian Philosophy Of Pure Reason

Keyword : Freedom, Choice, Reasoning, Happiness, Progress And Development
Author(s) : Amobi P. Chiamogu And Uchechukwu P. Chiamogu

Abstract :   Based Upon The Belief That Freedom Forms The Basis For Happiness And Progress Under The Control Of Moral Law, Kantian Philosophy Has Human Autonomy As The Guide To Understanding Society And Action Of Man. Independent Reasoning And Choices Conduce To Social Justice And Development. This Paper Attempted An In-depth Examination Of The Relevance And Application Of Immanuel Kant's Philosophy Of Morality Of Freedom To Understanding Development In Africa Nay Nigerian Context. It Further Identified Key Impediments To Development In Nigeria And X-rayed The Level Of Freedom, Happiness And Progress Enjoyed By Nigerians Against The Backdrop Of Choices Born Out Of Reasoning. The Study Is Situated Within The Ambits Of The Dependency Theoretical Framework Of Analysis To Explicate The Rentier/subservient Statue Of Nigeria In Its Relationships With Other Countries And Unmask The Rationale For Incidences Of Poverty And Sorry State Of Development. Secondary Sources Of Data Were Basically Employed Through A Thorough Review Of Related Literature And The Content Analysis Approach In Data Analysis. The Paper Observed That Development Should Be Borne Out Of Personal/individual Realization That Gives Rise To Self Actualization And Contends That Kantian Thesis On Freedom Mind And Autonomy Is Not Wholly Tenable In Our Context Owing To Complex Strands. It Thus Recommends An Inward Assessment That Would Conduce To Allowance Of Greater Freedom To Citizens As Enshrined In Extant Laws Of The Country And Implementation Of The Freedom Of Information Acts As Recently Ratified.

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