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The Re-Branding Project And International Investment In Nigeria: A Critical Evaluation

Keyword : Foreign Direct Investment, Rebranding Project, Coordination Failure, Information Management
Author(s) : Mbanefo Odum (Ph.D)

Abstract :   The Rebrand Nigeria Project Was Introduced By The Government To Reverse The Countryís Poor Image Within The International Arena In Order To, Among Others, Attract Foreign Direct Investment. As Fantastic As This Move Seemed, It Is Argued Here That The Strategies Adopted Towards Achieving This Objective Was Faulty Because It Appeared To Be Pursuing Shadows Without Addressing The Main Substance That Gave Rise To The Countryís Poor International Image. Thus, This Study Examines The Extent To Which The Re-brand Nigeria Project Succeeded In Attracting International Investment Into The Country. By Adopting The Qualitative Research Method And Relying On An Analytical Framework Based On The Coordination Failure Model, Findings Revealed That The Project Failed To Reverse The Negative Trends That Had Contributed In Giving Nigeria Her Poor Image And Corollary, Failed In Attracting International Investors As Envisaged. The Basic Recommendation Is That Any Rebranding Attempt Geared Towards Attracting International Investment Into The Country Must Ensure The Co-ordination Of The Necessary Complimentary Conditions Such As Stemming The High Level Of Insecurity, Improving On The Poor State Of Social Infrastructure, Creating A More Friendly Business Environment, And Then, Embarking On People-oriented Information Management And Dissemination.

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